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Our Programmes

Young Students With Teacher


  • Sprouts (> 2mos)

  • Seedlings (> 9mos)

  • Buddlings (> 18 mos)

The focus is on supporting parents and give an understanding of child development from a Steiner perspective. We aim to provide a nurturing space that is supportive, protective, imaginative, empowering for parents and rhythmic and calm for the children.

We provide a clear rhythm and structure to the morning. Children learn by imitation as the parents and playgroup facilitator spend their time busily involved (e.g. baking bread, cutting fruit, laying the table, cleaning up).

Many parents experience this gentle environment as a haven, not just for their children but for themselves. Parents can also contact and establish friendships with like-minded families.

This is a space in which a natural and healthy degree of independence of the child from the parent can begin to develop.

Child Cutting Fruit

Tembusu (Ages >2 yrs)

This programme follows the same rhythm as the Raintree programme but each activity is slightly shorter in duration and the transition time longer to make it easier for very young children to adjust. A smaller teacher to child ratio allows the teacher to devote more attention to each child.


Raintree (Ages 4 - 6yrs)

The Raintree programme allows the young child to thrive on a regular daily and weekly rhythm, to progress smoothly from a busy 3.5/4 year-old to a child of 6 who is eager and able to engage in more formal learning and thus ready for school.

Tembusu & Raintree Programmes: These programmes can be the first step away from the home environment. It is unique in providing the security and feel of a warm family home where young children can flourish. The mixed age group also mirrors a family and encourages the children to learn from and guide one another.

In the early years, imitation and activity are the young child's natural way of learning. The Early Years Programme aims to create an environment that protects the child's physical development while the teachers cultivate an atmosphere of care and warmth for the children providing an example that allows them to learn from life. Children model their behaviour on the examples they see around them.

In the Early Years Programme, there is a strong emphasis on the cultivation of good habits, and pre-academic skills are acquired unconsciously. The child's natural feelings of wonder and trust are nurtured throughout, creating an openness towards life and learning. Here, the children are allowed to develop at their own pace as they begin to be aware of themselves as individuals and form a growing awareness of others around them.

What our parents say...

"After 2 years of Bruce in WSEYC, it’s been nothing but heartfelt gratitude towards teachers and staff at school. Not only it has helped my child in expanding his imagination and creativity, but he is also compassionate, nature-loving, independent, and most importantly, happy. I have learnt so much from teachers who put in extra hours to work with parents on how to help our child at home too so that he can flourish and grow to be a healthy and wholesome child. This is a true community that helps one another for the love of our children. Thank you WSEYC."

— Yinyin, Raintree Parent

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