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Our Beginnings...

It all began in August 2001 when five mothers met and realized they shared a common passion for Waldorf Education. A weekly playgroup was formed at a parent’s home.

The five were joined by others: a gathering of locals, long-term residents and expats bringing a truly global flavour reflecting the cultural history of Singapore.

The children grew and the challenge of starting a kindergarten loomed ahead. Margarete Lange stepped in as the teacher and everyone worked hard to prepare the classroom and decide how to run a co-op.


The first class started in January 2003 with 9 children aged 3-4 under the auspices of the Waldorf Steiner Education Association (Singapore), a registered non-profit society formed by 13 parents and teachers committed to supporting and developing Waldorf Steiner Education in Singapore.

Where we are now...

We dedicate our resources towards creating something unique in Singapore: a venture focused on building and developing Waldorf education for our children and other future children. We continue to work harmoniously with our members worldwide and the families in the locality. We support building a true kampung spirit where everyone’s involvement and support are honoured and returned.

Children Playing With Dough

Where we are heading...

We envision spreading the essence of Waldorf pedagogy bringing joy to local children, as well as those wishing to integrate into the Singapore culture.


We work towards an established school or centre big enough to cater to a very diverse culture in all parts of this island.


It is our goal that the Waldorf Education becomes a deep part of each of our growing member family's lifestyle, parenthood, and growth.

Children Playing With Chalk Outdoors
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